Sports Photography

High School & Youth sports
is a passion I have greatly enjoyed over the past secveral years.  It started off in High School where I shot the local sporting events for the yearbook and local newspaper, years later this spark was rekindled when I started shooting my daughters lacrosse games.  Over the past eight years, thousands of my images have been used in various pulications and every format available around the world, this is the area that I have excelled in.

As of 4/26/2013, one of the 8 agencies I work with, has had 3,064 images have been purchased.  (The majority of which are sports related)

Games / Action:
I do try to focus on outdoor sports to eliminate the need for a flash, and have recently shot the following sports and have become excellent in finding the action.  I am not limited to this list, and am always looking for new action to shoot.

  • Mens Lacrosse
  • Womens Lacrosse
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Motorcross


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